True Blood's Lorena-Classic Love, Classic Style

Oh, you know the classic love story. Girl likes boy. Boy has another girl. Girl gets upset. Turns boy into vampire. They live for years and years in a routine of partying, bloodsucking, and living the high life before boy decides there has to be something more to life, even this life without a heartbeat, and leaves girl.

Then girl returns, years later, to claim what's rightfully hers, but the boy has fallen for another girl. A human girl. And the worst part of it? She buys her evening wear the same place she buys her work clothes. That's right, Vampire girl is your Elizabeth Taylor, Princess Di, Jackie O, staying up with the times yet still remaining a classic beauty. And her she finds the man she loves shacking up with a the local reigning Wal-Mart Beauty Queen. I know, I know, I'm taking the approach most don't.

Yes, she turned him into a vampire in the first place. Yes, she tried to kill Sookie by holding Bill against his will, then trying to kill her at the after-party. I know, I know. But seriously, you fall for a guy that hard that you're willing to turn him vamp, stay with him for years only to have him leave you because he feels like there is "more to life" and find him shacked up with the white trash telepath, tell me you wouldn't be a little pissed?