Layfette's Love Interest

Love is in the Air

Lafayette and new boy sitting in a tree.. K-I-S-S-I-N-G. New to the show, but Kevin Alejandro has been in several of my personal favs such as Weeds and NCIS, now he's doing double duty between Southland, which was just picked up by TNT, as well as Lafayette's love interest in the upcoming season of True Blood. Sexy? Yes. But can he hold a candle to Lafayette's style?

Spoiler: It's interesting to see what route this character will take since the books leave Lafayette in the dust after the first one. To me, that's my favorite part about the show; it's like watching something vaguely familiar yet not knowing exactly how things are going to go down. My only hope is new boy can hang with Lafayette, because he's a force unto himself, and I don't know if anyone can roll with him.... Rumor is bf is slanging vamp blood, too. What's Eric gonna say about that?

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